We use a broad range of AI methods to understand listeners, creators, the content in the Spotify catalog, and the streaming business. Research areas include matching content and listeners, extracting signals from the audio catalog using natural language understanding and multimedia information retrieval methods, and AI-assisted music creation tools. Our goal at Spotify Research is to create unique and rewarding experiences for listeners and creators

About Spotify R&D

Spotify Research is part of Spotify R&D, the technology engine that drives everything you love about the Spotify app. We’re the engineers, researchers, designers, and product managers who turn knowledge and technology into great listening experiences

The story of Spotify

Watch our R&D Chief, Gustav Söderström, speak about the history of Spotify at MIT. Introduction by MIT Professor of the Practice, Eran Egozy, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Harmonix. Hosted by MIT SHASS and CSAIL.