Spotify’s Contributions to NeurIPS 2022

Spotify’s Contributions to NeurIPS 2022

Cutting-edge research in Machine Learning, Language Technologies, User Modeling, Audio Intelligence, Search and Recommender Systems are some of the key areas we feel incredibly enthusiastic about at Spotify…

Latest Publications

We publish research papers and present our work in a wide range of venues.

Society of Agents: Regrets Bounds of Concurrent Thompson Sampling

Yan Chen, Perry Dong, Qinxun Bai, Maria Dimakopoulou, Wei Xu, Zhengyuan Zhou

Temporally-Consistent Survival Analysis

Lucas Maystre, Daniel Russo

Disentangling Causal Effects from Sets of Interventions in the Presence of Unobserved Confounders

Olivier Jeunen, Ciarán M. Gilligan-Lee, Rishabh Mehrotra, Mounia Lalmas

Research Areas

How do we create more personalized experiences? What can we learn about listeners based on how they use written language? How do we optimize testing methodologies? Explore all our research areas below.

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We’re expanding knowledge of audio technology every day, sharing open source frameworks, tools, libraries, and models for everything from research exploration to large-scale production deployment.