Spotify’s Contributions to RecSys 2022

September 14, 2022 Published by Spotify Research

Spotify’s Contributions to RecSys 2022

Here at Spotify, we are highly dedicated to cutting-edge research in various areas in Machine Learning, User Modeling, Personalization, and Recommender Systems. In addition, we regularly share the work of our scientists and engineers with the research community through our blog posts and through research papers presented in different conferences. 

This year, we are proudly a gold sponsor of RecSys. We have made the following contributions to RecSys 2022:

Research Papers

  • Identifying New Podcasts with High General Appeal Using a Pure Exploration Infinitely-Armed Bandit Strategy
    Maryam Aziz (Spotify), Jesse Anderton (Spotify), Kevin Jamieson (University of Washington), Alice Y. Wang (Spotify), Hugues Bouchard (Spotify), Javed Aslam (Northeastern University)
    Main Conference – Session 3: Domain-Specific Recommendation (September 19)
  • Challenges in Translating Research to Practice for Evaluating Fairness & Bias in Recommendation Systems 
    Lex Beattie (Spotify), Dan Taber (Spotify), Henriette Cramer (Spotify)
    Main Conference – Session 4 – Fairness & Privacy (September 20)
  • RecSys Fairness Metrics: Many to Use But Which One To Choose? 
    Jessie Smith (University of Colorado Boulder), Lex Beattie (Spotify)
    FAcctRec Workshop (September 23)
  • Causal Adaptive Learning for Recommendations: Maria Dimakopoulou (Spotify)
    REVEAL Workshop (September 22)

Workshops Organized

  • MORS 2022: 2nd Workshop on Multi-Objective Recommender Systems (September 23)
    Organizers: Himan Abdollahpouri (Spotify), Shaghayegh Sahebi (SUNY Albany), Mehdi Elahi (University of Bergen), Masoud Mansoury (University of Amsterdam), Babak Loni (ING Group), Zahra Nazari (Spotify), Maria Dimakopoulou (Spotify)
  • Workshop on Recommender Systems in Fashion & Retail (September 23)
    Organizers:  Humberto Jesús Corona Pampín (Spotify), Reza Shirvany (Zalando SE) 
  • RecSys REVEAL ’22 (September 22): Workshop on Sequential Decision-Making & Reinforcement Learning
    Organizers: Paige Bailey (Google), Maria Dimakopoulou (Spotify), Ying Li (Netflix), Richard Liaw (Anyscale), Yves Raimond (Google)

General Conference Roles

Sponsorship Chair: Humberto Corona Pampin (Spotify)