Algorithmic Responsibility

Research in algorithmic responsibility at Spotify combines machine learning research with social science to ensure high quality data decisions and equitable algorithmic outcomes. We carry out in-depth research, perform product-focused case studies, as well as develop practical tools that teams can actually use. We do this by taking deep-dives into the characteristics of large-scale datasets, including understanding which creators are less accessible in both existing recommendations and new modalities such as voice, and developing machine learning approaches that combine multiple stakeholder objectives.

Latest Algorithmic Responsibility Publications

April 2022 | The Web Conference (WWW)

Mostra: A Flexible Balancing Framework to Trade-off User, Artist and Platform Objectives for Music Sequencing

Emanuele Bugliarello, Rishabh Mehrotra, James Kirk, Mounia Lalmas

November 2021 | CIKM

Leveraging Semantic Information to Facilitate the Discovery of Underserved Podcasts

Maryam Aziz, Alice Wang, Aasish Pappu, Hugues Bouchard,Yu Zhao, Benjamin Carterette and Mounia Lalmas