Augmenting Music Listening Experiences on Voice Assistants


Voice interfaces have rapidly gained popularity, introduc-ing the opportunity for new ways to explore new interac-tion paradigms for music. However, most interactions withmusic in current consumer voice devices are still relativelytransactional; primarily allowing for keyword-based com-mands and basic content playback controls. They are lesslikely to contextualize content or support content discoverybeyond what users think to ask for. We present an approachto dynamically augment the voice-based music experiencewith background information using story generation tech-niques. Our findings indicate that augmentation can havepositive effects on voice-based music experiences, giventhe right user context and mindset.


October 2021 | CSCW

Let Me Ask You This: How Can a Voice Assistant Elicit Explicit User Feedback?

Ziang Xiao, Sarah Mennicken, Bernd Huber, Adam Shonkoff, Jennifer Thom

May 2021 | CHI

Towards Fairness in Practice: A Practitioner-Oriented Rubric for Evaluating Fair ML Toolkits

Brianna Richardson, Jean Garcia-Gathright, Samuel F. Way, Jennifer Thom, Henriette Cramer

October 2020 | ISMIR - International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference

“Play Music”: User Motivations and Expectations for Non-specific Voice Queries

Jennifer Thom, Angela Nazarian, Ruth Brillman, Henriette Cramer, Sarah Mennicken