Augmenting Music Listening Experiences on Voice Assistants


Voice interfaces have rapidly gained popularity, introduc-ing the opportunity for new ways to explore new interac-tion paradigms for music. However, most interactions withmusic in current consumer voice devices are still relativelytransactional; primarily allowing for keyword-based com-mands and basic content playback controls. They are lesslikely to contextualize content or support content discoverybeyond what users think to ask for. We present an approachto dynamically augment the voice-based music experiencewith background information using story generation tech-niques. Our findings indicate that augmentation can havepositive effects on voice-based music experiences, giventhe right user context and mindset.


April 2024 | WEBSCI

A Genre-Based Analysis of New Music Streaming at Scale

Julie Jiang, Aditiya Ponnada, Ang Li, Ben Lacker, and Samuel F Way

May 2023 | CHI

Minimizing change aversion through mixed methods research: a case study of redesigning Spotify’s Your Library

Ingrid Pettersson, Carl Fredriksson, Raha Dadgar, John Richardson, Lisa Shields, Duncan McKenzie

March 2023 | Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI)

Enabling Goal-Focused Exploration of Podcasts in Interactive Recommender Systems

Yu Liang, Aditya Ponnada, Paul Lamere, Nediyana Daskalova