Human-Computer Interaction

Human-computer interaction research at Spotify focuses on deeply understanding how people interact with music and audio across a variety of modalities including conversation and text entry on platforms ranging from mobile phones to voice controlled speakers. This understanding includes how people relate socially and emotionally to music and audio content, how they converse with voice assistants to request and describe music and how context influences audio consumption. We use interdisciplinary qualitative and quantitative research methods to deliver design prototypes of novel interaction paradigms and fundamental insights about how people experience music and audio.

Latest Human-Computer Interaction Publications

April 2024 | WEBSCI

A Genre-Based Analysis of New Music Streaming at Scale

Julie Jiang, Aditiya Ponnada, Ang Li, Ben Lacker, and Samuel F Way

May 2023 | CHI

Minimizing change aversion through mixed methods research: a case study of redesigning Spotify’s Your Library

Ingrid Pettersson, Carl Fredriksson, Raha Dadgar, John Richardson, Lisa Shields, Duncan McKenzie

March 2023 | Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI)

Enabling Goal-Focused Exploration of Podcasts in Interactive Recommender Systems

Yu Liang, Aditya Ponnada, Paul Lamere, Nediyana Daskalova