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00: The most epic battle in music history
Setting the stage for an audio revolution. Guests: Matthew Ball, Daniel Ek, Sean Parker, Lars Ulrich.

Mar 11 · 41 min

01: How do you steal from a pirate?
The first Spotify product. Guests: Sophia Bendz, Daniel Ek, Michelle Kadir, Ludde Strigeus.

Mar 11 · 37 min

02: How do you charge for nothing?
The paid mobile app. Guests: Mattias Arrelid, Petra Hansson, Kenneth Park.

Mar 17 · 33 min

03: This party's going to end
The new free tier. Guests: Sten Garmark, Charlie Hellman, Mary Meeker, Babar Zafar.

Mar 24 · 54 min

04: Human vs Machine
Editorial + Algorithmic = Algotorial. Guests: Tony Jebara, Ajay Kalia, Andrew Ng, Oskar Stål, Meg Tarquinuo.

Mar 31 · 49 min

05: When your winning bet becomes your losing bet
Moving to the cloud. Guests: Nicole Bouchard, Daniel Ek, Emil Fredriksson, Urs Hölzle, Tyson Singer.

Apr 7 · 48 min

06: Hardware is hard
Spotify Connect — a media protocol for speakers. Guests: Nicole Borrow, Thomas Cullen, Sten Garmark.

Apr 14 · 39 min

07: What you get when you give it away
Backstage and our open source bet. Guests: Jeremiah Lowin, Pia Nilsson, Tyson Singer.
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08: How do you get into a new game — when you’re late
Podcasts — the first second product.
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09: Changing the game
Building the audio formats of the future.
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Hosted by Gustav Söderström

Chief R&D Officer, Spotify

Gustav Söderström is Spotify’s Chief Research & Development Officer. He oversees the product, design, data, and engineering teams at Spotify and is responsible for Spotify’s product strategy.

Mr. Söderström is also an entrepreneur and investor who has founded and sold startups in the technology space, including 13th Lab, a computer vision startup that he co-founded which was acquired by Facebook’s Oculus in 2014. Mr. Söderström also co-founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of messaging startup Kenet Works which was acquired by Yahoo!, where he has previously worked as director of product and business development for Yahoo! Mobile from 2006 to 2009.

Mr. Söderström holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and was voted the KTH Alumni of the year in 2019.