Calibrated Recommendations as a Minimum-Cost Flow Problem


Calibration in recommender systems has recently gained significant attention. In the recommended list of items, calibration ensures that the various (past) areas of interest of a user are reflected with their corresponding proportions. For instance, if a user has watched, say, 80 romance movies and 20 action movies, then it is reasonable to expect the recommended list of movies to be comprised of about 80% romance and 20% action movies as well. Calibration is particularly important given that optimizing towards accuracy often leads to the user’s minority interests being dominated by their main interests, or by a few overall popular items, in the recommendations they receive. In this paper, we propose a novel approach based on the max flow problem for generating calibrated recommendations. In a series of experiments using two publicly available datasets, we demonstrate the superior performance of our proposed approach compared to the state-of-the-art in generating relevant and calibrated recommendation lists.


November 2023 | ACM TORS

Unbiased Identification of Broadly Appealing Content Using a Pure Exploration Infinitely-Armed Bandit Strategy

Maryam Aziz, Jesse Anderton, Kevin Jamieson, Alice Wang, Hugues Bouchard, Javed Aslam

October 2023 | CIKM

Exploiting Sequential Music Preferences via Optimisation-Based Sequencing

Dmitrii Moor, Yi Yuan, Rishabh Mehrotra, Zhenwen Dai, Mounia Lalmas

October 2023 | CIKM

Graph Learning for Exploratory Query Suggestions in an Instant Search System

Enrico Palumbo, Andreas Damianou, Alice Wang, Alva Liu, Ghazal Fazelnia, Francesco Fabbri, Rui Ferreira, Fabrizio Silvestri, Hugues Bouchard, Claudia Hauff, Mounia Lalmas, Ben Carterette, Praveen Chandar, David Nyhan